An Introduction in which I hope to convince you this is a smart idea and a good newsletter to read.
I am much of spending June and July developing a Passion Economy course. I am eager to know more about the folks who might be interested in such a class…
Ben Moir shot by John McRae I love Vanity. Not the deadly sin, but the actual person, Vanity Faire, a drag queen in Sydney, Australia. Vanity embodies a…
Choosing a passion-based career can be harder, scarier, and more uncertain (but still the very best choice).
An interview for Authority Magazine about how we can adjust, now and later, to COVID-19
The Path Towards Passion: How miserable are you? How happy do you want to be?
Passion has meant a lot of things over the years, here’s what I think it means now.
Ivanka Trump's jobs plan is not only stupid and wrong, it’s lazy.
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The Passion Economy